English Conversation Class


Our English Conversation class is a highly requested class.

Summer English Conversation
Day Class: Tuesdays-Thursdays  from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm

This class is at no cost to the participant. We ask for a $100 deposit to ensure that the student will finish the 12-weeks.

In this class, students will develop their English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.  They will also study vocabulary and grammatical structures so that they can successfully communicate in basic English and for day to day survival.  

Reading: Students will be reading a variety of texts they are likely to come across in their daily lives including street signs, advertisements, bills, menus, etc. Students will learn to extract important information from texts.  

Writing: Students will learn how to fill out their basic information and school forms.  In these writing exercises, students will practice grammatical structures and the new vocabulary.  

Listening: Students will listen to English from native speakers via their teacher and other media. They will also listen to English spoken by their peers. They must focus their attention on the speaker’s message in order to comprehend and produce a meaningful response.

Speaking: Students will have the daily opportunity to practice speaking in structured conversations with their peers. Also, there will be several projects which require the students to present information to the class using newly acquired English skills.

Course Requirements:

-Students are strongly encouraged not to miss class because important topics are covered.

-Students are permitted two absences.

-Students are expected to read, do their homework, and practice speaking in class to improve their English.

Rules: Cell phones or electronic devices should not be used during class except for educational purposes or urgent matters.

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