Spring Robotics Program – Hydraulic Arm – 8 Classes 

$165.00 for 8 weeks open for ages 9-14.


Mondays 4pm-5: 15 pm March 26th-May 14th

Come experience the world of robotics in a whole new way by building and taking home your very own Hydraulic Arm!  This fascinating piece of technology requires no motors or batteries because it is powered by water!  You will have total command and visual manipulation using the scientific principles of a hydraulic system.  With the hydraulic arm, you will be able to command six axes of varied movements, including the gripper, wrist rotation and mobility, elbow, shoulder, and base rotation.  It has a vertical reach of over sixteen inches, a horizontal reach of over twelve inches, and a lifting capacity of fifty grams!  With the removal of the gripper, you can also activate the suction apparatus.  This feature will enable you to elevate objects with a large surface area like a small mobile phone!  Come join in on robot technology becoming a little more interesting and hydro-mechanically fun!








Classes will be taught by German Galindo the Director of Minds in Motion of NJ LLC. 

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