Homeland Committee

The Palestinian American Community Center (PACC) first launched this project a year ago.  Without passion,  hard work, and the dedication of our committee members this project would not have proudly launched its second annual Homeland Project. The Homeland Project is organized and supervised by PACC’s Homeland Committee. The Homeland Project is a journey designed to offer participants a fun and educational experience of Palestine. The program intends to send its second group of travelers this summer. the main goal of the project is to nurture a bond with the Palestinian land, its people, and culture. The program consists of three main components:

  • A 12 day (including travel time) guided and interactive journey through occupied and historic Palestine
  • Pre-trip preparation consisting of 4 workshops (2 of which are mandatory) as well as an orientation session
  • Post-trip activities and/or projects conducted under the supervision of The Homeland Steering Committee


Current Committee:

  • Sara Abdelhadi
  • Murad Abdelfattah
  • Nazeeh Abuhadba
  • Helwa Aburas
  • Rania Mustafa
  • Amin Obeidallah
  • Anam Salem
  • Noor Siyam

The homeland committee is responsible for planning every last detail of the trip. To be on the committee you must be passionate, and committed! To apply, click here.

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