About Us

Who are we:

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PACC is a registered 501c3 nonprofit and tax-exempt organization. PACC is strictly a non-political and non-religious organization whose mission is to strengthen the local Palestinian-American community and to provide social, cultural, educational, athletic, and recreational activities.


To sustain and strengthen ties to Palestinian heritage, while empowering the success and well-being of the entire community.


  • To be recognized as the hub for all Palestine-related issues in New Jersey.

  • To learn about and celebrate the Palestinian history, culture, and identity.

  • To participate in services focused on empowering the success and well-being of the entire community.

  • To be inclusive of the Arab American community and provide our community with a place to come together.

  • To represent Palestinian Americans to the wider Arab and non-Arab communities.

  • To be recognized as a role model to other non-profits in New Jersey in terms of organization and leadership.

Core Values:

We uphold these core values in our own work and promote them in PACC as a whole. They represent what we believe in, what we stand for, and how we approach everything we do.

  1. We believe the power of the word. If we say something, we will try our absolute best to follow through and do it. We expect to follow through and so we lead by example.

  2. We strive for empowerment of our community, our staff, and ourselves in everything we do. We try to become and put our optimal selves forward, hence empowering the well-being and success of the community as a whole.

  3. Service is the backbone of PACC. We strive to provide the best service we can possibly offer to our constituents. The best is a constant work in progress and we are consistently working on providing better and better services. PACC was started and will continue to improve and grow by listening to the community needs and feedback.

  4. People are what drive us to do all that we do. Improving the lives of people in the short term and long term is our main focus, motivation, and drive. People are the most important asset we have and they are the reason we do the work we do every day.

  5. We will get far and continue to succeed only through cooperation. Through teamwork and working together we will stray away from reinventing the wheel and will instead empower what already exists and build on it to make it better and better.

  6. Respect is the foundation of PACC. We respect all people, religions, races, and ethnicities and we build on the diversity that exists among us. PACC is a safe place where everyone and their ideas and opinions are welcome, free of judgment.


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